Star Wars: Flying Casual

Squid's Place

After waiting on their ship in the hangar for the stormtroopers to all leave, the crew of the Embar finally headed out to the streets after nightfall. Captain Ryku and the ship's droid, 4Q2, stayed behind to finish up some last-minute calibrations on the ship.

While Charl was eager to check out the Malcraan Craft and Gift shop, the other crew members believed they'd find more information on the Alderaan miner at the local cantina. This led them to Squid's Place, one of the best cantinas on Molavar. Inside the cantina it was dark and smoky. Lights on the tables, booths, and the bar provided only scant illumination. Several patrons milled about, and a Sullustan bartender worked behind the bar, cleaning glasses with a dirty rag. The stage near the back of the bar was curtained off with a ragged cloth — apparently this cantina sometimes hosts a live band, but not today. Instead, tinny music was piped into the dive through ancient and raspy speakers set at intervals around the ceiling. A very well used jukebox sat in one corner, broken so that it only played the same song over and over. Tyron, Neo, and Shakka’teksa headed right to the bar.

Meanwhile, at the Malcraan Craft and Gift shop, Charl was greeted by the Ithorian proprietor, Jerru. The pilot introduced himself, causing Jerru to get very excited and curious, asking many questions about Charl's homeworld. The two greenthumbs conversed for a while about all things plant-related. Charl took a box of newly-traded seeds back to the ship, where he got the captain and they both went to the cantina to meet up with the others.

At Squid's Place, three waitresses (actually slaves, as evidenced by their collars) wandered among the tables serving traditional mixed drinks such as Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop, Fizzbrew, Lum, and the gambler’s favorite, Retsa; they also served the illegal Nectarwine when asked. Both Tyron and Neo partook of the Lum and Fizzbrew.

The Sullustan bartender was very friendly and helpful. He shared a few rumors involving the possibility of a Jedi being in the city somewhere, some miners claiming to have found the Royal Palace, and word that a customs officer had been arrested for treason this morning.

Leaning against the bar at the very back of the cantina was a human woman with brown hair tied back into a long braid. She wore green Mandalorian armor and a heavy blaster pistol at her hip. She kept looking from her drink, back to the bar, then to the cantina entrance. Shakka’teksa attempted to hit on her, but was curtly turned down.

In one booth the crew spotted a Rodian sitting by himself, eyeing the young Twi'lek. Shakka’teksa talked with him, learning that he was in the market to buy sex slaves.

And lounging in a corner booth next to the bar was a tall, pale Twi’lek male; six human females wooed over him as they all drank and laughed together.

Two smugglers at the bar introduced themselves as Cassus and Ingo, offering to buy the crew drinks in exchange for company and stories. After asking about Zaz Kamiroz the Alderaan miner, the crew was directed to the owner of the cantina, a local crime lord. The tall, pale Twi’lek was known as Sridcovok “the Squid.” The crew noticed him again, in a booth by the bar surrounded by half a dozen female barflies.

Then a tall, human woman with blonde hair approached their table. She claimed to be Sridcovok's wife, and she offered to take the crew to the miner, who was being held in the basement below the bar. The crew happily obliged. Along the way, she explained that the miner, Kamiroz, has important information that he said he’d only share with the Princess, but Sridcovok’s interrogators beat the info out of him. When Sridcovok discovered that others were looking for the miner, including a number of salvagers and bounty hunters and even an Inquisitor Lord, he locked Kamiroz up for safekeeping. Sridcovok hopes to bargain with all the different interested parties so he can get the best deal for his hostage.

Unfortunately for him, Sridcovok’s wife led the crew of the Embar downstairs into the cantina’s basement, which featured a different sort of entertainment that catered more to visiting spacers than locals: gambling and spice. Dozens of customers lounged down there amid a heavy fog of spice. Beyond the spice den was another room wherein a pair of Gamorreans snorted and squealed at the banger race on the holovid. They both hauled themselves to their feet to challenge the newcomers. Shakka’teksa convinced them to let her have a peek into the next room, which indeed held the miner.

A brawl ensued. Tyron Corso gave one of the Gamorreans a one-two punch that left the porcine guard unconscious. The other Gamorrean took a beating from Neo and Shakka’teksa before Ingo just shot him. At the sound of gunfire, the denizens of the spice den panicked. Captain Ryku reassured them, but one guy foolishly shot his blaster, too. More panic followed.

Pretty soon, Sridcovok the Squid showed up with his goons. Ryku unleashed his sonic blaster that took most of them out right away. As the other goons filed into the room, Tyron and Neo shot them down. Shakka’teksa freed Kamiroz. Meanwhile Charl wrestled with a frenzied spicehead woman.

The crew managed to get Kamiroz upstairs to the street… where a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor awaited them. She demanded they hand over the miner, threatening them with a stun grenade. Shakka’teksa catcalled at her, which infuriated her enough to draw her pistol and fire at the Twi'lek. Ryku closed the distance and shot at her. Tyron fired his rifle, too, but managed to only graze her armor. Neo's blaster shots knocked her down, stunning her.

A nearby squad of stormtroopers heard the commotion and rushed in to check it out. Ryku convinced them that his crew were but innocent bystanders who'd been attacked by the bounty hunter. As the stormtroopers moved to apprehend her, the bounty hunter used her jetpack to escape.

The crew, along with Cassus and Ingo, made their way back to the hangar. But then they fought over who's ship they would take Kamiroz on. Eventually Ryku and Cassus challenged each other to a good old fashioned duel. Ryku shot first, ruining his opponent's weapon with his blaster-buster gun. Cassus and his crew fled to their ship.

Charl had the Embar running and ready to go. Ryku, Tyron, Neo, Shakka’teksa, and Zaz Kamiroz boarded and blasted off.


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