Star Wars: Flying Casual

The Prince of the Planet

The Raen Sovra tunnel yawned into darkness, where the rags of great webs blew and swayed in the stifling hot airs. It was ominously quiet and dark in there. While everyone else got out their glowrods, Neo illuminated the way with his red lightsaber. The crew of the Embar continued into the cave. They heard a lot of faraway skittering, and even more dreadful sounds in the heavy silence: gurgling, bubbling noises, and long venomous hisses.

The cavern system was a maze. The crew turned down a narrow path, and suddenly five Sovra ambushed them from above! It was a desperate struggle in the gloom, but our intrepid crew worked together as a team and came out victorious. Shakka'teksa was badly injured during the fight, but Doctor Doyaahb took care of her. "I'm afraid the Twi'lek lost a lot of juice," he said. "You may feel a slight sawing."

Pushing onward, they found a large cavern full of Sovra eggs, as well as four more of the electrocution spiders guarding the nest.

Once they had cleared this room, killing all the spiders and smashing the eggs, the crew settled down to catch their breath for an hour. Doctor Doyaahb expressed his appreciation for being allowed to come along on this adventure.

Toward the end of their rest they heard blasterfire back the way they'd come. Knowing that this planet had no advanced civilizations, they all assumed this had to be either the captain, 4Q2, or some offworlders. They readied their weapons just in case. And sure enough, rounding the corner in the cave appeared a ragtag group of spacers. They looked aggressive… and awfully familiar. Shakka'teksa recognized them as the same pirates who burst into Galaxy Seven at StarForge Station, demanding Willy Boom's holoprojector coin. This time the pirates demanded the treasure. Neo expressed his amusement that they dared mess with he and his crew again. Tyron pulled out a couple grenades and combat started.

The close combat battle was fierce enough, and then more Raen Sovra showed up, attracted to all the energy in the area. Our intrepid crew finally dispatched the pirates. Shakka was webbed and almost dragged away by the spiders, but Doctor Doyaahb and Charl came to her rescue. Tyron and Neo pursued the one pirate who retreated back into the tunnels, eventually shooting him down.

Exploring the caverns further, they discovered another larger egg nest and a huge Raen Sovra spider queen! Her webs and bites were nasty. After the crew lit her up with their blasters, Tyron finished her off with his vibroblade. Then they spotted a pair of cocooned figures lying in the back of the room. Tyron ripped the webbing open to reveal a bug-eyed humanoid and a female pirate who'd been captured earlier by the spiders. Neo immediately suggested killing the pirate, but the others disagreed. The pirate begged for her life, saying her name was Viera and she promised to serve them as a janitor or servant or anything they wanted if they let her live. She admitted that she's part of Ardeth Misk's crew of revolutionaries who wanted the treasure here to help fund their continued fight against the Empire. Tyron thought he recognized that name, Misk, and so he convinced the others to bring Viera back to the captain for more questioning.

Meanwhile, nobody could understand what the other freed prisoner was saying. Viera didn't know him, so he wasn't part of Misk's crew. Shakka used gestures and her high charisma to communicate with him, learning that he's some sort of royalty and his ship crashed here. He asked where his companion was but nobody knew the answer to that one. Neo wondered if this guy might be the exiled Prince Denid from Velmar. If that was the case, then perhaps this alien knew where the royal treasure was! And indeed he did! Denid showed the crew a tunnel leading to the surface, to the top of the cliff where his ruined ship lay. He explained with gestures that his ship's pieces had scattered all over this area when it crashed. The cargo pods ended up in a lagoon nearby.

Shakka radioed 4Q2 to bring the ship around to help pick up the treasure, but the droid confessed that "we're boned." He and the captain had been captured by Ardeth Misk's crew. He said that Misk's ship was much bigger than the Embar, and the crew much wealthier. Neo asked how many members Misk had left. 4Q2 responded that it was around thirty. Then the transmission ended.

Neo declared that they should go get the treasure before Misk does. Prince Denid led them to the lagoon. But the cargo pods were underwater. Doctor Doyaahb excitedly volunteered to go down and check it out. Charl knew of of an indigenous plant that he could turn into a smoothie, which would confer the ability to breathe underwater. After a little bit of time, everyone drank Charl's concoction and then dove into the lagoon to search for the treasure. They were gone a long time. They finally found the cargo pods, but they were all empty. Prince Denid was baffled. The treasure was gone!

When they swam back to the surface, a demoralizing surprise awaited them. Ardeth Misk and the rest of his crew, about thirty bad-tempered revolutionaries, stood there waiting for them. Captain Ryku and 4Q2 were both here, too, as hostages.

"Well, here it is," said Misk with a smug grin. "We want that treasure, and we'll have it! If you value the lives of your captain and your droid, I reckon they're yours. But we'll take the treasure, thank you."

4Q2 stabbed a metal finger at his crewmates. "I blame all of you for this!"


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