Star Wars: Flying Casual

The Royal Palace

With the only exit they knew of blocked by a small army of stormtroopers, Captain Ryku and his crew entered the Royal Palace of Alderaan, searching for both the secret they came to uncover and another way out of here.

Passing through the huge palace doorway, the crew entered a vast hall displaying a number of statues, holo-art, sculptures, and other objects dedicated to the creative spirit of Alderaan. The next door they opened revealed a deadly Seugathi feasting upon the body of a dead miner. As everyone pulled out their weapons to fight the creature, Tyron slammed the door shut and Neo used his lightsaber as a welder to further secure the door.

Continuing their exploration of the palace, the crew discovered many ruined offices and even a library, but they didn't find much of value still intact here. Eventually they did find a secret room that contained a suit of Massassi Ceremonial Armor, which the captain claimed for himself. They found a droid bay, which Shakka'teksa thoroughly looted.

Once they reached the grand hall, with its double rows of giant columns and an archway spanning a deep chasm, the crew was surprised to meet somebody else here: the Inquisitor Lord Renn Saul.

Saul's lightsaber burned bright red as he taunted Neo, claiming that he was here to finish what Lord Vader should have finished years ago. He challenged Neo to a duel, but Neo refused.

Suddenly, blasterfire lit up the hall! As Ryku, Tyron, Charl, Shakka, and Neo dove for cover, another crew of spacers showed up. These guys had followed the Embar here and were determined to loot the palace themselves. Their captain, Belinda Vog, shouted for the competition to leave now. A deadly firefight ensued, during which Inquisitor Saul used his dark force powers to collapse various columns — one of which almost killed Ryku. Tyron hurled a demolition charge at the Inquisitor, but Saul stopped it in mid-air and it detonated, blowing up more of the room but not its intended target. After exchanging shots back and forth for a while, the other salvager crew pulled back and retreated.

Inquisitor Lord Saul turned away, disappointed, and slipped into the shadows across the bridge.

As silence filled the hall once more, Captain Ryku's crew helped him out from under the rubble of a column and tended to his injuries. Neo tried first aid on Tyron but messed up and caused more damage to the mercenary's wounds.

Further exploration of the palace led them to more offices, meeting chambers, storage rooms, a dining hall and a lounge, and eventually a huge amphitheater. Here, they met the hologram of an old man who explained that he was simply a member of the Council of Elders who was off-planet the day the Death Star appeared. He returned now — or, rather, his image returned — to do what Bail Organa was going to do when he sent his daughter after General Obi-Wan Kenobi. "I am going to give the Alliance Alderaan’s greatest gift," he said, "and its greatest shame." A secret door in the back of the room opened up.

Beyond, the Embar's crew found a chamber that looked like a room in a museum. In the center of the room stood a droid with human bones inside of it. The droid suddenly came to life, moving aggressively toward the crew! Seated in the center of the skeleton within the droid was a small crystal that glowed a faint bronze/red color: the Heart of the Guardian. After battling and disabling the droid, Neo yanked the crystal out and examined it. He remembered from his studies that the Heart was one of two legendary crystals that Revan obtained near the end of his quest to find and destroy the Star Forge. It was believed that the Heart was involved in the founding of the Jedi Order. According to prophecies of the Order, the Heart would appear at the time of greatest turmoil and help in bringing the galaxy into salvation. However, the Sith also believed it to be an object of their heritage, which in turn would bring about their domination of known space. Neo decided he would add the crystal to his lightsaber, which would amplify its damage output.

Also in the room was the Belt of Master Bodo Bas, a Force-infused item that adds to its wearer's strength.

Captain Ryku and Tyron found the tunnel that Belinda Vog's crew had fled through. The tunnel led to a small opening on the side of the asteroid, which was still thankfully enveloped in a bubble atmosphere. Charl called 4Q2 to bring the ship around and pick them up.


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