Belinda Vog

Human Salvager



Belinda Vog is the captain of the salvage ship Reclaimer. She is a tough customer and very shrewd. When she sees something she wants, she’ll do everything in her power to get it. She can be amusing and friendly one instant, then strike like a snake the next.


Belinda Vog has always been fascinated by old objects, and she discovered at an early age that the galaxy was full of them. She joined a salvage team at a young age, quickly rising through the ranks until she was in command of her own operation. She travels the galaxy in her ship, Reclaimer, scouting out possible jobs before bringing the whole team and the salvage rigs in. She was on Molavar, looking for leads to a new operation, when she ran into Hanos Darr. One night over drinks at the cantina, Darr let slip that the Royal Palace of Alderaan had been found. He refused to say anymore that night, but Belinda was sure that she would be able to get more details out of him before he left the planet. She didn’t count on him being arrested— or on the group of Rebels who have taken an interest in his story.

Belinda Vog

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