Carl’s character was born on Shar’Ack, his family very staunch Imperial patriots. While his mother died when he was very young, his father worked for the logging industry, performing the initial harvesting of trees and hauling them to the spaceport. Growing up, Carl’s character learned about exotic plants and alchemy from his grandmother. He was good at both schoolwork and logging equipment, and he learned how to drive multiple vehicles such as the speeder bike and became an expert Banger Racer. His father taught him how to brawl, and to stand up to bullies. Carl’s character would later say that his father taught him where to draw the line, rather than to take a stand.

Since the start of the Galactic Civil War, Rebel cells in countless sectors began reclaiming or conquering worlds they had ceded to or that had been taken by the Empire. Before long, military factions whose loyalty lay with the Rebel Alliance began to organize and take action against the Imperial government on Shar’Ack. In response, a sort of “witch hunt” ensued as Imperial officials on Shar’Ack combed their civilians in search of Rebel loyalists and spies. Carl’s character’s father was accused of being a double-agent and sentenced to life imprisonment. After Carl’s character’s grandmother passed away, he took the next spaceflight offworld in search of a new life. He got a job as an asteroid miner, since piloting was all he ever knew. His coworkers cleverly called him “Sticks and Stones” because of his careers in logging and mining.


After a few years of that, two environmental activists approached Carl’s character and his miner friends at the spaceport cantina one night. One of the women started trouble by drawing a blaster, and Carl’s character ended up breaking her jaw and nose in self-defense. The next day, his Y-8 mining vessel was targeted by militant environmental activists with satchel charges. The attack turned into a dogfight between terrorist starfighters and Imperial TIE-fighters. In the aftermath of the fight, Carl’s character was summoned to the Constabulary where he was interrogated by Imperial officials, and learned that he had been fired for taking his Y-8 into a fight. The blame for casualties among the TIE-fighters was laid at Carl’s character’s feet and he was accused of having helped the terrorists and hampered the Empire.

Unemployed and homeless (as his employer also provided his lodging), Carl’s character met Captain Ryku Niros, a former mercenary who could not adjust to civilian life after leaving the First Sun. They both had a grudge against the Empire, and Ryku took Carl’s character under his wing.


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