Mandalorian Bounty Hunter




At some time in their older childhood or younger teens, Ferreges and her three-years-older brother Nerri fled their home on Raxus Prime, seeking a different life.

Living on their own in the often violent, cruel and lawless Outer Rim, Ferreges learned a great many varied skills of survival. She learned to fashion her own armor from ‘procured’ odds and ends and even how to pilot a starfighter. She also resorted to scamming, thievery and smuggling.

The death of her brother at the hands of a pirate bent Ferreges but she refused to break. The fun loving soul acquired an awkwardly desperate sense of humor, a focus on the “thrills” and reckless self-confidence in order to push ahead for new adventure and excitement with so little means, experience, support or guidance. While obviously made even edgier by this and a drive to improve her skills, appeal, etc. as she saw them, Ferreges retained a rather sensitive, good heart, despite the corruptive nature of her life, and the quite serious risks to sanity and survival it sometimes holds.

She fights and kills when necessary, her personal defenses drawing a division between necessary and what she is emotionally involved in.

Ferreges’ most recent contract is with the Empire, an 8000 credit bounty for the capture of a miner from the Alderaan Graveyard named Zaz Kamiroz.


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