A Force-sensitive human named Neo, enrolled in the Intelligence Academy of Carida in 2.5 BBY. Neo struck up a friendship with his fellow trainee and bunk-mate, Shira Elan Colla Brie, both of whom soon rose to the top of their class. Throughout her three years of training, Brie also received instruction under Darth Vader during the night and in utmost secrecy. Her time in Imperial training became one of the few instances in the young Force-sensitive’s life that she felt that others truly cared for her well-being. She swore an oath of loyalty to the Emperor, to which she attached great importance.

Unbeknownst to Brie, Neo felt more than just friendship toward her. This complicated things when, one night, he spied her listening to a communication hologram from Darth Vader. Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Vader looked past Brie and spotted Neo. Brie was ordered to kill him before he could reveal her secret. Neo barely escaped with his life. He hijacked a personnel shuttle and warped out of there.


Some time passed, and eventually he joined a small group of pirates loyal to the cartel boss Krob Grourrt.

Neil’s character became friends with Lindsay’s character after she repaired and customized a pair of starfighters and sold them to his pirate crew. Unfortunately, Neil’s character and his pirates gained the attention of the Galactic Empire and were hunted down and eradicated personally by Inquisitor Lord Renn Saul. Neil’s character was captured, and after some merciless interrogation, learned that he himself was Force sensitive, too. Neo managed to escape and land on the planet Devaron.

There Neo discovered the abandoned Temple of Eedit, which used to be a Sith academy. Through the many holocrons he found, Neo learned that the Sith who originally built the place abandoned the planet long ago, all except one, who grew old and survived only by sucking the life force out of all the planet’s native inhabitants. Eventually that Sith died. Many years later, during the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Halsey came here to study. Count Dooku sent a Dathomirian Nightbrother to Devaron to kill him. Twenty years later, Neo showed up. He found a bunch of Jedi holocrons, which he used to teach himself a few Force abilities. He also found the long-hidden Sith omnicron and a red lightsaber. Neo got bad vibes from the temple and left Devaron, crash-landing his ship in the canyons of Molavar. He’s been hiding out there ever since.


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