Nok Luyaro

Rodian Slaver



Nok Luyaro is a heartless predator who views most other species as non-intelligent, irrational creatures. He built up the Karazak Slaver’s Guild by pooling experience and information drawn from the best in the trade, seeking to increase the overall success of his slave operations. Sometimes, this involves the application of new technologies, such as slave collars and snare guns; in other cases, his guild members discover their own ways of taking cargoes or subverting local officials.

The rising number of these crime guilds also contributes to a lessening of violent competition among individual guild members. In the more powerful guilds, like Nok’s, members are routinely assigned specific zones in which they exclusively operate. The annual dues from thousands of members, plus the percentages of profits from large-scale operations, make it possible for Nok to enforce his decisions and, when necessary, to buy off the competition. For this reason, Nok’s slavers guild is quietly tolerated by Imperial officials, who see it as a stabilizing influence.

Conflicts can still arise, however, from independent operators “poaching” on a guild member’s territory.

Nok Luyaro primarily does his business with the gamorrean cartel boss, Krob Grourrt.


Nok Luyaro

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