Suna El’kyral

Ardeth Misk’s Lieutenant




Potent Force abilities, unmatched courage, sharp tactical instincts, and lethal training in both melee combat and blaster weaponry led to Suna’s quick rise through the ranks of the First Sun Mobile Regiment.

Suna El’kyral discovered the strength of her latent Force gift as a young girl. An innocent flash of childish anger at her parents resulted in massive cerebral hemorrhaging and a horrific death for her mother. Her father would only repeat one thing over and over again in the ensuing years: “I saw her head come apart.” This gruesome event alerted the Imperial Inquisition to her powers, and she quickly became the focus of the Emperor’s Hand program.

After selection, Suna went through comprehensive training in varied combat techniques, intelligence gathering and assassination. Each Hand operates independently and is often under the false impression that he or she is the Emperor’s Hand. During training, Palpatine cultivated Suna’s latent Force abilities, but avoided providing Jedi or Sith training. The most important of her abilities is a direct telepathic connection to Palpatine that allows her to communicate across the galaxy.

Following her emergence from the Emperor’s Hand program, Suna became an unstoppable assassin for the corrupt Imperial government. It was her assassination of the independent senator Angus Misk that brought her to the attention of his ambitious son, Ardeth. At first wishing to extract revenge from Suna for his father’s murder, Ardeth soon realized that she was much more useful as a weapon against the Empire. After rescuing her from a clandestine experimental facility, he removed her neural inhibitor and used her restored memories to build righteous anger against the government that had abused her. Suna and Misk became allies.

Misk took advantage of Suna’s loyalty, abandoning her to die in the Crispin system after the completion of a critical mission. This betrayal enraged Jay’s character; he left the revolution, swearing revenge.

Suna El’kyral

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