Star Wars: Flying Casual

Mean Streets of Taris

With their new ship loaded with treasure, Captain Ryku and the others offered to help Shakka'teksa rescue her mother from a Del Kor slaver on the planet Taris.

After landing on the ecumenopolis without incident, the crew met with a collector of antiques and curiosities named Kaelys Tela, a young but homely-looking human woman, to liquidate their treasure into credits. Captain Ryku flattered her to get a better price on their wares.

Kaelys explained that last night a group of thugs broke into her shop and stole an object from her collection. She offered to reward the crew for its return, or even introduce them to someone important in the Upper City, since she has contacts there. The item in question was a curiosity of trivial value: a piece of a white marble statue — specifically, a delicate hand recovered from the ruins of the Lower City. The thieves ignored dozens of items of considerable value, and left as soon as they’d acquired the hand. But they did leave something behind.

Kaelys revealed a dead body, his skin covered with dirty, black exhaust, grease, and scabs. One of the thieves, he was killed by one of her security droids and left behind by his fellows. Given all of this evidence, and the bangar keys in his pocket, it was obvious that he was a wrecker from the Lower City. Shakka'teksa's investigation of the body revealed that his clothes were once a silk courtier’s outfit, but now stained and faded beyond repair. The man had horrible hygiene and rotting teeth. A tattoo on his forearm looked like an engine block with a lightning bolt in the middle. Tyron identified this as the Crashracket Gang.

Captain Ryku agreed to take the case if Kaelys sold him and his crew some artifacts at a huge discount. Kaelys suggested they seek out a priestess named Faela who lived in the Church of the Force — an underground (literally) faith composed of loosely-affiliated worshipers of the Force — in the Undercity. Members of the faith believe that the Jedi Order must return in order to restore balance in the Force, and that the light of the Jedi will one day rescue the galaxy in this time of darkness. This intruiged Neo, who decided to investigate that lead with Tyron and Shakka.

Meanwhile, Ryku and Charl headed to the Upper City looking for banger racers. They met a landspeeder salesman named Bill who laughed too hard at all of their jokes and eventually sold them a pair of Aratech banger cars and armored jackets at a huge discount. Bill mentioned that the Kel Dor they were looking for would probably be at the Tarisian Season Opener, an event so wildly popular that it'll be broadcast across the entire galaxy.

Down in the Undercity, the other three crew members got mugged by a trio of mutants before they finally made it to the Church of the Force. Its interior was dark and seemingly abandoned. Then a Twi’lek wearing plain brown clothes stepped out from the shadows. A tiny crystal glittered on a chain around her throat. Though young and alone, she radiated an aura of peace and comfort. This was Faela, a kind and compassionate woman who confirmed the Crashracket Gang symbol described from the dead thief's arm. She explained that before she found the Force, she was once married to a wrecker named Junius. Right before she left him, Junius accepted employment under a Kel Dor called Je Vas, who had countless slaves working in his chop shops. She knew where Je Vas worked, the Solway Autograss Club, and was more than happy to point the way. She only asked that the crew do what they could to free the slaves under the Kel Dor’s rule. Faela offered to heal their wounds and let them rest here for a while.

After a couple hours, Tyron, Neo, and Shakka met back up with Ryku and Charl at Kaelys's shop.



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