Star Wars: Flying Casual

StarForge Station

After their adventures in the Alderaan Graveyard, the crew of the Embar headed to a remote criminal outpost to rest and recuperate and to upgrade their gear — StarForge Station.

Deep in the heart of Ado Sector’s StarForge Nebula is StarForge Station, a thorn in the side of the Empire. StarForge Station was originally one of thousands of small planetoids tumbling through the ancient nebula, slowing orbiting a gravity point and destined to one day become a star. The fringes of the nebula have been used as a hiding zone by pirates and smugglers for years. Today, the station boasts facilities for medium freighters and small capital ships, dozens of warehouses, repair bays, cyberdocs, arms dealers, restaurants, a casino, permanent living quarters, and the pride of the station: StarForge Shipyard, run by the notorious Chidee Na Maak.

The Station is known by the Empire to exist, but remains for two reasons. The first reason is because most of the Imperial Moff’s assets are tied up in engaging Alliance forces in this sector. Secondly, the StarForge Nebula is a vast, sensor-muddling, comm-jamming cloud of seething matter; navigating it is difficult, and finding the Station even more so since it moves around.

Doctor Doyaahb explained that he has a gambling problem, so it would be best if he stayed on the ship. 4Q2, however, had no such qualms about exploring this hive of scum and villainy.

While the rest of the crew kicked back at a StarForge cantina named Galaxy Seven, they found a couple different jobs. One unscrupulous merchant offered to pay 10,000 credits for Captain Ryku to haul 50 tons of maranium ore to his contact on the Inner Rim planet Barlok. The second job was offered by a pair of Jawas who wished to book passage back to Tatooine in the Outer Rim; they were willing to pay 8,000 credits. The crew talked it over, arguing over which of the two jobs to accept.

Suddenly, a dying pilot burst into the cantina. He asked around desperately for anyone who knew the crew of the Embar. He claimed to be Willy Boom, an old friend of Tyron Corso and one of the few remaining Churhee’s Riflemen. When Tyron finally revealed himself, Willy, pushed a large gold coin into the mercenary’s hand and told him to "beware the droid." Neo attempted first aid on Willy but the pilot's wounds were too severe.

A gang of well-equipped pirates sauntered into the cantina, brandishing guns and demanding that Willy Boom turn himself in. Willy said that he’d hold them off while the crew escaped, but Tyron and the others refused to allow it. They shoved Willy under the table and tried to play it cool. Meanwhile, the pirates bullied and intimidated the cantina patrons. Captain Ryku addressed them defiantly, asking what they were after. The pirates admitted that they were only here to retrieve the coin. A firefight ensued.

Ryku, Tyron, Charl, Shakka'teksa, and Neo easily defeated the pirates. Only one pirate had actually been killed, however — the rest of them retreated outside. During the battle, Willy succumbed to his wounds and died.

Eager to sell off their loot from the Royal Palace, the crew headed over to an "art dealer" named Slai Fon, a Rodian merchant of ill repute. Through him, the crew learned that Tyron’s coin was actually an encoded holographic projector. He offered to activate it for a price, but Shakka did it herself. The coin showed a star map that showed the way to a vast wealth of treasure on Tantajoc V, an uninhabited jungle planet in the Mid Rim. Shakka noted that the coin could also be inserted into a ship’s navcomputer. Slai Fon offered to buy the coin from the crew for 50,000 credits but they refused.

Next the crew went shopping for better armor. The only place anyone pointed them to was an arms dealer named "Prince" Moosa Shamsher. Tyron heard about this guy. Shamsher’s business dealt in galactic weaponry, including landspeeders, walkers, and all manner of personal weapons and armor. Almost as renowned as Shamsher’s arms dealings was his love of excess: he was rumored to own a fleet of a hundred sail barges and skiffs that included Gefferon Pleasure Craft models and he wore Jorallan-opal-encrusted shoes valued at 2 million credits. Moosa’s establishment was well guarded. He certainly had the money to throw around, so he payed for only the best security. His stock included all common and uncommon personal equipment; additionally, he could special order anything more rare than that. After equipping themselves with better gear, the crew finally headed over to the Shipyard.

4Q2 wandered around StarForge Station drinking a bottle of Muon Gold like a tourist. He found a vending machine that sold cheap musical instruments. It was then the droid remembered his lifelong dream of being in a band. While using his computer skills to slice the machine, a pair of security thugs caught him. They chased him for a few blocks but eventually lost him in the crowd.

The Shipyard was recently established by a Duros named Chidee Na Maak, a starshipwright with years of experience constructing knockoff ships and translating client’s original "designs" into working starships. When the crew arrived, they noticed that Chidee's three spacedocks were constantly busy, and after talking with him they learned that there was an average three-month-wait-list. However, Chidee turned out to be one of Ryku's biggest fans. He heard about the former marshall's reputation on Gibad, and the scandalous rumors of the virus that wiped out a colony there. The Empire blamed Ryku for it, but Chidee said he didn't believe Imperial propaganda. Even though his waiting list was months long, Chidee offered to bump Ryku to the front of the line. The crew pooled their money together and purchased an Arakyd Morne-3 Concussion Missile Launcher and a couple dummy missiles.

Confident that they had everything they needed for now, the crew decided they would use Willy's coin to find the treasure on Tantajoc V.


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