Star Wars: Flying Casual

Walking in the Graveyard

After rescuing Zaz Kamiroz, the intrepid crew of the Embar took to hyperspace, heading for the Graveyard of Alderaan, a great asteroid field that was once the planet Alderaan. While they had originally been paid to deliver the miner to the retired general Locus Geen, the crew instead decided to investigate Kamiroz's claim that the miners of Alderaan had found the remains of the Royal Palace.

Along the way, Shakka'teksa made some repairs to the ship, Charlemagne tended to his garden, Neo meditated, Doctor Doyaahb told Tyron Corso all about his uncle Yarold Doy's acting career, and 4Q2 smoked a bunch of cigars in the bathroom.

Once the crew entered the Alderaan asteroid field, they began picking up signals from navigation beacons. 4Q2 discovered a bit too late that most of the beacons were either damaged or missing, so the signals were very unreliable. But thanks to Charlemagne's slick piloting skills, the Embar made it through the asteroid field to the Mining Outpost unscathed.

Captain Ryku instructed Charl to fly casual as he hailed the outpost over the comm. No response. He tried again, and this time a broken message came through: "Please help … droids … murdered everyone … Inquisitor …"

Tyron excitedly locked and loaded his rifle as Charl set down inside the outpost's hangar, which was littered with dead bodies and blasted starship parts. Zaz Kamiroz feared the worst. He suggested that maybe the Imperials came here looking for the Royal Palace, too.

Captain Ryku, Tyron, Shakka'teksa, Neo, and Charl disembarked the ship with Zaz, leaving the doctor and droid behind to salvage parts from the wreckage.

The crew found the outpost's command quarters with humble apartments within, and a storage room with mining equipment, including vibropicks, power shovels, and power hammers; they also found the life support system, as well as an asteroid tracking and mapping station. A security droid suddenly descended from a turbo-lift, but was quickly turned to slag by the crew's blasterfire. They decided to make haste in their search here for the Royal Palace's coordinates.

Upstairs they found another storage room, this one containing stocks of food, water, and other necessities. Poking his head out into the corridor, Neo spotted another security droid patrolling the area on high alert; he whispered for Tyron to come check it out. The security droid noticed them and scuttled over, its blaster turret swiveling toward the door. After exchanging a few shots back and forth, it was Shakka'teksa who blew the droid's data-brain out.

Once they found the mainframe computer room, the Twi'lek was able to access the mining log which contained the coordinates of the Royal Palace — Asteroid 7785!

Nextdoor was the outpost command center, but even though the lock had been damaged, the door was barricaded from the inside. Ryku knocked on the door. Somebody hiding on the other side moved the barricades aside and let them all in. It turned out to be the foreman of the mining outpost, Kathos Loof, who explained what had happened here. He said that he didn’t know what the Imperial survey team discovered out in the asteroid field, but he heard lots of rumors. After the survey team left, a platoon of stormtroopers showed up, led by an Inquisitor named Renn Saul and an Imperial Agent named Brie. All the workers here were slaughtered. The Inquisitor accessed the computers, apparently found what he needed, and then he and his retinue left. Kathos begged for the crew to get him out of here.

Shakka'teksa tried slicing the computers here and, with a little help from Tyron, Neo, and the captain, found the Inquisitor's long-range transmission sent to Darth Vader. Apparently the sith lord was on his way to this mining outpost even now!

Captain Ryku ordered everyone back to the ship. As the Embar pulled away from the hangar, Charl detected another ship entering the asteroid field…


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