Je Vas

Kel Dor Banger Racer


Je Vas is a Kel Dor junk dealer and Banger Racer who owns a shop on Taris. He’s the owner of Lindsay’s character’s mother, Wampihi.


Je Vas started his life as a soldier on Dorin. However, he left Dorin after he suffered an injury. He then went to Taris, where he decided to start his own business selling junk and racing Bangers.

Owner of a small shop, Je Vas won two slaves, Wampihi and her daughter, Lindsay’s character, from Piginyi the Hutt in a bet. Je Vas was an inveterate gambler, and when he discovered Lindsay’s character’s natural mechanical abilities, he made her help him modify his Bangers, which included trimming sheet metal from around the wheel wells, removing parts of bumpers, welding the doors shut, and relocating the battery and gas tank. Lindsay’s character figured out how to make the Bangers last longer: she notched the frames, removed the rear bumpers, notched the trunk lids, and replaced the rear coil springs with leaf springs.

Thanks to Lindsay’s character, Je Vas enjoyed great wealth and status. That’s why her sudden absence upset him so. He recently placed a bounty on her return for 5000 credits.

Je Vas

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