The Twi’lek Shakka’teksa and her mother Wampihi were slaves owned by a Kel Dor Banger Racer named Je Vas on the planet Taris. While her mother kept their master company, Shakka’teksa was put to work in her master’s shop. Even at a young age, Shakka’teksa exhibited exceptional technical skills, and built the maintenance droid NR-5, specially modified to withstand Taris’s smog and heat, for her mother.

As she neared adulthood, Shakka’teksa was among many who felt the brunt of the Separatist incursions on Taris. After months of planetary bombardment, Moff Tanniel finally surrendered. Shortly thereafter, Taris became part of the Galactic Empire. Shakka’teksa’s mother paid to have her daughter smuggled offworld. She hoped Shakka’teksa would find a better life out there among the stars.

Thanks to her natural gift with repairing things, Shakka’teksa did indeed find plenty of work. Before long, Shakka’teksa repaired and customized a pair of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters and sold them for 10,000 credits to a group of pirates who worked for Krob Grourrt’s cartel. The pay was so good, she considered returning to Taris and buying her mother’s freedom. However, the pirates gained the attention of the Galactic Empire and were hunted down and eradicated personally by Inquisitor Renn Saul. Having accessed the pirates’ main computer while aboard, Saul learned of Shakka’teksa’s involvement in upgrading the starfighters. He hunted her down and captured her, ejecting her into space to freeze and suffocate to death.

But she survived.


She was picked up by a passing Ghtroc 720 Freighter, the crew of which included Ryku, Tyron, and Charlemagnes. Without anyplace to really call home, Shakka’teksa decided to stay on board as the ship’s mechanic. Her skills were very much welcomed by Ryku.

Her latest project — a hobby in her spare time, really — has been transferring a 4Q Cybot Galactica matrix into the body of a B2 series security droid. The 4Q Cybot Galactica matrix-powered security droid came alive and introduced himself as 4Q2. After Shakka’teksa imprinted herself as 4Q2’s new master, she set the droid to work helping Charlemagne out in the cockpit with sensors, shields, and comm.

Shakka’teksa is being hunted by a number of bounty hunters under Grourrt’s employ. The Gamorrean feels like she owes him for those two ships he paid her for, and he intends to get his refund one way or another.


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