Tyron Corso





Churhee’s Riflemen, named after its now-deceased founder, Vlaydm Churhee, is a mercenary unit that specializes in “low profile” operations in the fringes of Imperial territory. The unit prides itself on the high quality of marksmanship among its members. They primarily use a modified version of the SoroSuub Kylan-15 blaster rifle with a collapsible stock and advanced sniping scope.

On a mission for the Imperials in Y’Trella system, the Riflemen were nearly wiped out when the Imperials failed to provide them with the necessary backup (it was in this mission that Vlaydm Churhee died). Since then, the Riflemen only accepted anti-Imperial contracts, preferably missions that seriously hampered the New Order.


Because of the high caliber of troops in the company, Churhee’s Riflemen proved to be a real thorn in the sides of local Imperials — particularly in Parmel Sector. Their presence was the deciding factor in Moff Tallis’s decision to allocate additional resources to Battlegroup Operations on Turcan III. While the Riflemen were flattered to receive this level of attention, it made their next battle their last. Churhee’s Riflemen kept the Imperials busy while the Rebels evacuated a major portion of their ground forces from the Turcan system. This maneuver cost the Rifleman dearly. Only a handful of them remain today. Without the same numbers and leadership they once had, Churhee’s Riflemen, including Tyron Corso, finally disbanded.

He eventually found employment under Ryku Niros, who captained the Embar. This is where he met Charlemagne, also under Ryku’s command. The three of them made a living doing whatever missions came their way, not necessarily loyal to the Rebellion but definitely not Imperial loyalists.

Tyron Corso

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