Star Wars: Flying Casual

Tarisian Season Opener

Following Faela’s directions, the crew returned to the Lower City. They planned to infiltrate the Solway Autograss Club in an effort to get closer to Je Vas and rescue Shakka'teksa's mother. As they neared the stadium, the streets got more and more full of people. Soon the streets were absolutely packed. The crew heard that there was to be a big race tonight and everyone wanted in. It looked like they’d be waiting in line for hours.

Suddenly, a landshark broke free of its cage and attacked the crowd! The beast was on its way to the stadium for another aspect of the Tarisian Season Opener: swoop racing with alien beasts loose on the track.

After their tussle with the landshark, the crew came to the attention of both the Crashracket and the Thundercats gangs. A Cathar named Rufillius immediately tried to recruit the crew for Thundercats. He was desperate for someone to replace his fallen wrecker team. He offered a share of the winnings as well as front row seats for the remainder of the event. This was just the in the crew was looking for, so they agreed to join him.

Rufillius led the crew to the front of the line, where he got security to let them inside. The tightly packed streets gave way to open space, and the grand stadium known as the Solway Autograss Club loomed into view. Rufillius led them past vendors and fans and wreckers to his garage. In truth, he admitted, he had another motive for recruiting new gang members. His business was about to go under. He bet all of his gang’s money on the banger race that killed his previous team. Now, if he didn't pay the Czerka Corporation soon, he'd be a dead and bankrupt Cathar.

And right on cue, some thugs sent by Czerka Corporation burst into the garage demanding the money owed them. Shakka'teksa talked them down, convincing them that the Thundercats would pay up after winning.

The next morning, the new members of the Thundercats loaded into their banger racers and took to the stadium. Amid the roar of cheering fans, the bright lights of cameras broadcasting all over the galaxy, and the smoking, revving engines of the other vehicles, the crew showed everyone a flawless victory over the Crashracket gang. Media outlets showered them with praise and publicity. They were even offered a meeting with Je Vas himself to congratulate them.

However, the crew soon learned that they'd fallen into an elaborate ruse. As soon as Inquisitor Lord Saul recognized Neo on the televids, he sent a batallion of stormtroopers to Tarsis to capture the Force Adept. Je Vas was quick to sell out the Thundercats, locking the crew in his office and releasing debilitating gas into the room. He didn't take the crew's tenacity into account, though. They broke free of the room and overcame the pair of stormtroopers in the hallway. Thus armed with blasters, they made their way toward the slave pens… and Shakka'teksa's mother.


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